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Hi everyone. My name is Gwendolyn and here is my story.
I’m a mama with 6 kids that travels fulltime🐦
My family deserves the best of me.
Not what is left of me.✌️❤
I’m so grateful what Thrive has done for me. I used to be the mom that could barely get through her days. I was unhappy, exhausted, bitter, and to be completely honest I’m not surprised my marriage was on the rocks and I hardly had any friends.
To think if you take care of your nutritional needs everything else falls into place. Put it this way when you feel good you LOOK good🤣, you have better mood, you are a BETTER version of yourself.💯
Since my thrive journey started I have gained good friends all over the country, have a great marriage, and I’m the MOM I want to be!!
I’m going tell you how it is……..
This is not a sales pitch. I don’t consider myself as a sales person. I’m a friend sharing a lifestyle change.
There is a life waiting for you that you are meant to live. It’s up to you to take the first step because guess what?? You are WORTH IT! Even if I didn’t earn my product for Free, I would totally pay $5 a day because life without Thrive stinks 🤣🤣 So….when you are ready for a lifestyle change contact us and let’s change your life😉

Hey, my name is Chris Mayfield and I am a disabled veteran. I served in the Navy for 12 years and had to get out due to body challenges, knee and ankle joint discomforts, head discomforts, and an inability to function around crowds and intense situations. I am grateful for Thrive because it has allowed me to regain control of my life. With Thrive, I am a better version of myself. Even when times are tough, I know I can take my three steps (capsules->shake->DFT) and manage my day. I wish I knew about Thrive before I left the service because I probably could have stayed for 20+. Thrive has made it possible for me to enjoy my life with my family.

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