Live Free

When you’re given an opportunity that truly changes your life✌🐦 grab it, embrace it, and don’t be afraid to share it with the world! 

We are a Thriving family of 8!! We love life, family, America, Thrive and God. We believe He placed this opportunity in our lives for us to grow into our dreams and live a life helping others. We both worked overtime, barely seeing our kids or one another. When Thrive came into our life, it changed it forever. That was over 3 years ago and we do not regret taking the leap one bit.

This opportunity has afforded us the ability to be stay at home parents, to work remotely, and to have the time and freedom we had only dreamt of. A life void of alarm clocks, a life that we control, a life that we can look back on without regret.

We love to travel and we spend our days traveling around the country full time exploring and growing our kids. We spend a lot of our time migrating between our Free Birds Team (aka our Thrive Family). We have earned 5 lifestyle getaways, monthly car bonuses for both of us, and we both achieved new ranks last month. These new ranks came with CASH Advancement Bonuses!! We are truly blessed by God and what this company has provided for our family. Our mission is to help everyone live the life they deserve.

~The Free Birds

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