We have many different memberships we love to use during our travels. Here are our top favorites.

  1. Harvest Hosts: It’s our favorite membership we use when traveling! We get to park overnight for free at wineries, farms, breweries, museums and more! Not only are you supporting the locals by visiting them but it’s an experience you won’t forget. We have met so many amazing people with Harvest Host. Our children love it! My Children have worked on the farms, picked their own food, explored museums, and more! HIGHLY recommend it! It’s so WORTH IT! Use link and save 15% off

2. WNC Membership: Ok where are my big families at?🙋‍♀️
Want to get into museums, zoos, and aquariums FREE around the country?
I have been a WNC member for going on 6 years now!! I just went to renew our family membership so we are ready to use it on the road. For only $69 a year you can get your family in museums, zoos, and aquariums all over the country. I haven’t found one children or history, science museum not included during our travels. I would say about little over half of the zoos and aquariums are included, just depends who owns the location. But it’s a huge list! Even when we were local for a long time it was worth it to use our membership for local locations This is not just for travelers. For one visit at a children’s museums I saved $99 from the normal admission price! This is by far the best membership out there! Feel free to message me for more info. I’m all about helping people save money!

3. Boondockers Welcome: This membership is another great one. We dry camp for the most part and this is a great option to find places between bigger destinations. You pay for an annual fee for the membership and you will have access to a list of people who offer their properties for you to park at. We have had really good experiences. Message us for a special offer for 1 month for free.

4. Fulltime Families: We have been members for over year now. If you are a fulltime rv family this membership is a must. We have met so many great people because of this club. There is member only events and you get discounts to other rving resources.

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